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Belize, a Gorgeous Tropical Paradise for Couples, Families and Friends.

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Belize is a beautiful country located in Central America. This tiny nation shares borders with Mexico and Guatemala on the Caribbean coast. It has become a very popular destination for people of all ages due to the gorgeous tropical landscape, white sand beaches and kind, friendly locals.


Belize has some of the most pristine waters you’ll ever find. Whether the goal is to relax on the sand or play in the water, Belize beaches offer the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Divers from all over the world come to Belize for unmatched diving experiences. Belize is home to the largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere and three of four coral atolls in the Western Hemisphere, with dive sites inside and outside the reef. From masters to newly certified divers, there’s a dive site for everyone in Belize. Because the water at the reef is crystal clear — with visibility routinely extending from 75 to 80 feet and warm (average of 80 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit), divers in Belize always get the best view and experience in comfortable waters all year round. For the ultimate diving adventure, travelers can head to the Great Blue Hole, one of the greatest geological wonders of the world. Just 43 miles off the mainland by boat, it is an easily accessible day trip. Non-divers can also get a breathtaking view of this magnificent wonder via an aerial tour.

For those who prefer to stay closer to the surface, there are snorkeling options for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned snorkeler. Novice snorkelers can connect with knowledgeable local guides who will help them explore the kaleidoscope of colors found in hard and soft corals; sponges; and over 500 species of fish and marine life.

The Belize Barrier Reef offers hundreds of snorkeling sites of varying depths; even going back to the same spot ensures a different experience every time.

Sailing on the beautiful waters is another way to spend your time. Hidden coral heads can make navigation tricky, but it’s a great adventure for experienced sailors. For the less experienced who nonetheless love the open waters, charter a boat and enjoy the ride.

Kayaking is also popular in Belize. Coastal and island resorts offer kayaks for short excursions up the beach and around the islands, while professional kayak outfitters offer multi-day packages that operate from a single base camp.

The prices to stay at a resort in Belize are very reasonable, especially compared to destinations like Hawaii where prices for everything - from airfare to hotels and restaurants- are out of site right now. You can fly non-stop to Belize from Dallas, LA, Charlotte, and Miami on United, American, Delta, and Alaska.

Call, text or email us soon if Belize sounds like a great vacation destination for your family.

Remember, your adventure awaits....

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