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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Have you ever wondered where your ancestors are from? Or perhaps you already know where they are from but are still curious about the type of life they lived.

So much of who we are today can be traced back to our ancestors, which is why we have seen a rise in ancestral travel. Seeking answers through travel can be an enriching and enlightening experience.

Ancestral travel usually begins with researching your genealogy. You've probably heard that your ancestors were European, but what does that actually mean? At-home DNA tests have begun to inspire travelers to go in search of their roots. People are seeking out answers and learning about their heritage while discovering new cultural traditions they never knew existed.

Going on an ancestral travel journey means coming home with more than just chachkies for the mantle. You bring home a deeper understanding of who you are, along with a few new recipes or holidays to celebrate. Let's say you find out you are ½ Swedish, despite your parents swearing your family is Dutch. Learning to make Swedish meatballs and celebrating midsommar are two new traditions that you can bring home!

Another side of ancestral travel is all about making a pilgrimage. From a Norwegian shrine to a Viking king to the healing waters of mystical lagoons in Peru, there are dozens of sacred pilgrimages people make all over the world. These centuries-old journeys act as a guided tour through your heritage.

If you have already done the genealogy tests and you have mapped out the family tree, making the pilgrimage should be the next step in your journey. There are only so many things a test and a diagram can teach you. Experiencing your culture for yourself and immersing yourself in history and tradition truly is a rewarding experience.

Even if you discover that your ancestors aren't from Spain, but you've had your heart set on making the El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, you can still enjoy the history and significance behind the journey. Making an ancestral pilgrimage is not reserved solely for the descendants of a specific culture or religion.

If you are someone who has seen and done it all and you're looking for your next great travel adventure, consider getting back to your roots to find travel inspiration!

Contact us today to learn more about planning a heritage trip for you and your family.

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