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Groups Are Our Specialty!

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From Gal Pal Getaways to Family reunions to Grandparents and Grandchildren traveling together (who needs mom and dad?) to clubs and corporate retreats, we have the travel expertise, attention to detail, and organizational skills to curate just the right itinerary for your group.


We’ll sweat the details,  you relax and bask in all the compliments you’ll get for planning such a great trip!

 Why Use Us for Your Group? 

— 1 —

We have a well developed process that begins with asking you the right questions and then listening carefully to your answers in order to curate the personal travel experience your group is looking for.

— 2 —

With over 40 years of travel experience, we know how to travel efficiently and as stress-free as possible.

— 3 —

John has decades of experience working for Fortune 500 Companies organizing events in the US and around the world.

— 4 —

Relationships! Relationships! Relationship! We have worked hard to develop strong, personal relationships with key travel providers to make sure your group receives everything they need and more.

— 5 —

Jackie’s background as a former elementary and high school teacher gives her insight into planning multi-generational trips that are fun, interesting and age appropriate for everyone in your extended family. Having a hard time finding an itinerary that works for everyone in your party from the senior with special mobility needs to the college student who is gluten free to the 9 year old who loves video games? Jackie knows how to find just the right vacation everyone in your party will enjoy.

Our goal is not to sell you a trip, but to make your travel experience so wonderful that you come back to us over and over again!

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