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We Make Travel Planning Easy

If you’re ready for a vacation but cringe at the thought of putting together all of the moving parts, let us plan it for you. We do extensive research and planning, read and verify countless traveler reviews, and use our travel industry connections to ensure that your vacation is perfectly planned.


Traveling shouldn’t be complicated.

We make travel planning easy by removing the guesswork and taking care of the details. We know the best way to get from one destination to the next, which part of the city you should stay in, the best restaurants in town, and how to find those authentic and special experiences you won't find in a guide book.

 Enjoy Stress-Free Vacation Planning 



We will create an unforgettable travel experience that is tailored just to you. 

Attention to Detail 

We take into consideration everything from health and dietary needs to flight connections, airport transfers, travel advisories, and pandemic travel regulations.

Group Travel Made Easy

From multi-generational family travel to Gal Pal Getaways, we make sure to plan an itinerary that everyone will appreciate, value and enjoy.

Adventure Awaits World Travel

Traveling is one thing everyone wishes they could do more often, but who has the time for all that planning?

We understand that the planning process for an amazing trip can be overwhelming. While there is plenty of information on the internet, it can be difficult to determine what is accurate or even where to start. We are here to help. 
  1. With over 40 years of travel experience in 54 countries, we have had virtually every type of experience imaginable, from missed trains to lost hotel reservations. Consequently,  we work hard to anticipate potential problems in order to prevent them from happening to you. But, life is not perfect and occasionally things happen that are out of our control;  if you do encounter a problem, we are on the phone quickly to resolve the issue and get you back to having fun and making memories.

  2. Everywhere we have traveled, we’ve developed personal relationships with our vendors so you can trust that you are getting a truly authentic and reliable travel experience. 

  3. The types of experiences we will plan for you are the ones you won’t find on the internet.

 Specialty Travel  

 Leave the Planning to the Experts 

We use professionals to do our taxes, design and build our houses, teach our children, give us medical care, and even cut our hair. Planning and booking travel is no different. It requires skill, experience, accreditation, training, and care.



We're John and Jackie Matthews! We have over 40 years of travel experience and have visited 54 countries and counting. As travelers ourselves, we've had every type of experience you can imagine, from backpacking across Europe as poor college students to sipping champagne while watching the cars race at the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix. 


We also know how overwhelming and time consuming the planning can be, especially if you’re taking the whole family. It’s our belief that you should be able to enjoy your trip that you have spent your hard-earned money on and looked forward to for so long. So, leave the planning to us and focus on what really matters - enjoy the vacation you deserve with the ones you love.

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The Process

Adventure Awaits World Travel


Schedule A Consultation 

We'll discuss everything from your past travel experiences, your dreams for this trip and who's going, to what (if any) are the special dietary and mobility needs in your party, and, of course, budget.

Adventure Awaits World Travel-Taking Notes


The Itinerary Proposal

Based on our consultation, we will prepare a few itineraries for you. We will review each one with you and, once you make your choice, we will refine the details so that it is travel-ready for you.

Adventure Awaits World Travel


Book Your Trip! 

Once your trip is booked, we'll regularly send you recommendations of books, articles, and videos to help you prepare and get the most from your trip. We will also provide assistance during your trip as needed.



What’s Your Travel Style?

Uncover your travel style so you can plan a trip that suits your personality.

Dreamworthy Destinations

Let your imagination lead the way as you explore a few of a few of our favorite quick travel ideas.


Are you ready to plan your next vacation with ease?

If the thought of planning a trip makes you feel overwhelmed, then you’ve come to the right place!
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