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The Best Christmas Gift - The Gift of Travel

If you are like most of us, the last thing you want or need this Christmas is more stuff. At this stage in our lives, we are actively trying to downsize and simplify. Our family decided several years ago to stop giving “things” for Christmas (except of course toys for the 5 grandchildren!) and start giving experiences. Since our lives are so busy and we are spread out across the country, these experiences give us intentional time that we can come together, laugh, enjoy each other’s company and make memories. So, this Christmas, I am going to suggest that you try giving experiences, too- give the gift of travel.

You may be thinking, “Ok Jackie, nice idea, but how do I do that?” Glad you asked. If you are already planning a big trip in 2024, think about those places you are going to visit and what would be a very special experience to the ones you are traveling with. If your travel partner loves cooking, maybe you buy a cooking class in one of your destinations. Imagine the fun your spouse would have on Christmas day opening up your gift – a cooking class in Paris led by a Parisian pastry chef? Or maybe your travel mate loves hiking- how about a special hike to a new destination neither of you has been to before with a gourmet picnic lunch waiting for you at the top.

If you don’t already have a trip planned for 2024, we can help you be a hero this Christmas. We love to help our clients find just the perfect trip based on your travel style and interests. Love WW2 history? How about a Viking cruise that commemorates the 80th anniversary of the D-day invasion- your trip begins in London where you visit Churchill’s underground war rooms, Bletchley Park (where Alen Turing and the other code breakers broke the Germans code), you will learn about the Battle of Britain and visit where they sailed across the Channel that fateful morning. Then you will take the high-speed train to Paris, the City of Lights. You will board a river boat and cruise down the Seine, visiting small villages along the way and ending up in Normandy to see Omaha and Utah beach and to pay your respects to the men and women buried in the American cemetery there.

Or maybe your loved one is really into gardening. How about going to Holland and visiting Keukenhof Gardens in May to see the tulips in full bloom. Love American history? New Orleans jazz and creole food? Maybe a trip to New Orleans and a river boat ride on the Mississippi would be a wonderful gift to open on Christmas morning.

We can create a Christmas gift for you one of 2 ways: either as a preset package- complete with itinerary, pictures, and descriptions. Or, some of our clients prefer to set a budget and let their loved one choose the actual gift after Christmas because they know that planning the trip is half the fun.

Either way, we make sure you have an elegant gift to give your loved one on Christmas morning.

Travel is the perfect gift – it always fits, it’s never tossed in a drawer and forgotten, and you can enjoy it together! Happy shopping.

Feel free to reach out if you are interested in exploring the idea of giving travel this Christmas.

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