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There Really is a Cruise for Everyone (seriously)

When on vacation, do you…

1. love to be pampered?

2. love delicious food and/or fine wine?

3. enjoy excellent entertainment?

4. like to visit beautiful destinations?

5. love learning new things- the history, music, art, food, and culture of the area you are visiting?

6. value time alone with the ones you love?

7. want to be active in the sports you love such as golf, cycling, running, hiking, scuba Diving?

8. want to see things and go places other travelers rarely get to go?

9. taking amazing pictures of gorgeous locations?

10. enjoy this beautiful world the Lord has given us?

Does the idea of strolling through a 500-year-old vineyard in Tuscany with a glass of wine in your hands, while the owner of the vineyard teaches you about the art of wine making that has been their passion for the past 20 generations, sound fun to you?

When you go on vacation, do you like to have experiences that are way outside of your normal comfort zone, maybe something like zip-lining from the top of a volcano down to the beach below or riding in a zodiac boat to view penguins at the South Pole?

If you answered yes to any of above these questions, you need to consider a cruise for your next vacation. If you are thinking, “No way, I hate those huge ships with thousands of people and buffet lines filled with mashed potatoes and spaghetti,” listen up! In the past few years, the cruise industry has changed dramatically. Today, there really is a cruise for everyone.

Are you a go-go person on vacation (or at least your kids are)? Then you may well enjoy one of larger cruise ships that offer everything from rock-climbing walls, ice skating rinks, go-cart courses, wave riders (it’s a surfing experience) and elaborate water parks by day to Broadway style shows at night.

Feeling worn out and exhausted from the last 2 years? Maybe you need a wellness vacation- a chance to re-set your body and your mind. You could start your day with a sunrise yoga class on the deck of a small, luxury river boat on the Danube River followed by a visit to the spa for a massage and a full-body seaweed wrap (trust me- you’ll love it) and finish with a healthy lunch served on the fantail while you float past medieval castles.

Do you love history? There are themed cruises for every kind of history buff- from US to European to Ancient Egyptian history, there are specialized cruises for every interest. The cruise lines bring aboard historians who give informative lectures and offer Q and A sessions.

If ballroom dancing is your thing, you might enjoy a voyage on the Queen Mary 2. Bring your ballgown or tuxedo and dance the night away at the Queens Gala Ball to the music provided by the 17-piece orchestra. Want to go with a fun group of about 65 people? Plan to join us this Sept as we host a group aboard the Queen Mary 2. On September 23, we will sail from New York harbor (right past the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island where 80% of European immigrants arrived during the turn of the last century) for a 14-day voyage with stops in Boston, Maine and on through Canada to see the gorgeous New England fall colors).

Dreaming of an African safari but the thought of staying in a tent is not appealing to you? How about being aboard a small river cruise that gives you the opportunity to see extensive wildlife up close and personal, but from the deck of a luxurious, air-conditioned river boat with only a few dozen passengers. You'll enjoy gourmet foods and fine wines while you take pictures of amazing wildlife. If you never thought about taking a river cruise on safari- think about this- where do you think the animals go to drink? Down to the river of course!

Whether you want a large cruise ship with a million things to do, or a small river boat cruise, or even a private yacht that sleeps 35, there truly is something for everyone. Now is the perfect time to book a cruise because it is Wave Season, the time of year when all of the world’s cruise lines offer their best sales. Call, email or text us today and tell us the kinds of experiences you want to have on your next vacation. I bet we can find you a cruise that is the perfect fit for you and your traveling companion(s).

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