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Traveling Abroad Soon? 10 Things to Do Right Now

1. Travel Packet- print out and organize every single thing you need for this trip including (but not limited to) boarding passes (you can also print these out at the airport), all your Princess docs, your shore excursion docs, VAX card (we have our printed copies and photos of it on our phones as a backup). We have seen too many people who had just digital copies of everything (digital copies are great - as a backup) and their phone died at the wrong moment or the scanner malfunctioned. We travel with printed copies of everything AND we have all those same docs saved on my phone and on John’s phone. So- essentially - 3 copies of everything. You have probably guessed by now that we are a couple of extreme Type A's. Thankfully, our four children and 2 grandchildren did not inherit a double dose of our Type A personalities.

2. Prescription meds: You should bring MORE than you need for your entire trip. Tell your doctor what you are doing and where you are going and ask for more medication than you’ll need, just in case. Leave your meds in their original containers with the prescription showing (customs and immigration folks like to know exactly what those little white pills are.) Keep all medications on your person at all times while traveling.

3. Let your credit card company know your plans- there is nothing worse than having your card denied because the card company assumes its fraudulent because you never go to France.

4. Check with your phone company- they know the plan you have with them. Tell them where you are going and have them tell you about the different options available to you and how much they cost. Decide which plan your company offers that is best for you.

5. Buy 1 or more international adaptors- to use when you plug in your phones, computers, curling irons, etc.

6. Buy an extra battery for each of your cell phones – you will be taking a lot of pictures and videos that can run down your cell phone fast. Keep the battery in your day pack so you can plug it in midday- you don’t want to miss a photo op in the late afternoon!

7. Compression socks- buy them, wear them on the plane and during those long days of sightseeing. Can’t speak highly enough about the blessing of compression socks.

8. Scopolamine Patches- Concerned about motion sickness? John had terrible motion sickness while in the navy (that’s why he chose serving on submarines rather than on surface ships) Scopolamine patches work great for us. You need a prescription from you doctor. We like them because we experience no side effects at all. There are also a number of over-the-counter items like wrist bands that work great, too.

9. Packing list - and - will it all fit? Having a packing list of absolutely everything you plan to bring (from the hair ties to the extra phone battery) is extremely important. Do that list now, don't wait until the night before you fly out. Gather everything together and see if it all fits in your luggage. Make sure you have something for every type of weather you may encounter (or, do what I did when I forgot my raincoat and had to buy one in Mont St. Michael - buy what you need there, it will make a great souvenir!). Make a note of those things that absolutely, positively must stay on your person at all times (e.g., money, credit cards, passport, VAX card, cell phone, meds, travel packet, extra phone battery, etc.) and make sure those things fit in your backpack or whatever is your carry-on.

10. Make extra copies of your passport- in addition to carrying our passports (of course) we make 2 copies of each of our passports (the face page that shows the number and dates) and put them in different places, just in case. For example, John has our travel packet, passports, Vax cards, Covid test results in his backpack that stays on his shoulder at all times AND we have printed copies of the face page with passport number and date in my purse, my carry on and John’s second carry on. Do NOT put the copy of your passport page in your checked luggage!

We hope this list is helpful to you. John and I have been traveling the planet for over 50 years now. Our parents believed that travel was an important part of our education growing up (we were blessed with awesome parents). We carry on that tradition with our children, grandchildren and loyal clients. We believe that travel makes us better people because it helps connect us and unite our hearts. We all love our families and want to live in peace. Go out and enjoy this gorgeous planet and make a new friend along the way.

Until our next great adventure...

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