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Be a Savvy Cruiser- Don’t get Caught in the “Low Cabin Fare” Pricing Scheme

Imagine you go to the car dealership to buy a new car. The salesman shows you the exact car you want and the price looks great! Then, when you are ready to sign on the dotted line, he says,

“Oh…did you want tires on that car? There is an additional fee for tires.”

“Well…ok, I do need tires.”

Then he says, “Do you want air conditioning? That is an additional fee, too.”

Before you know it- that car you thought you were buying is now twice as expensive as you thought it was going to be. Sound familiar?

That’ scenario is exactly what is happening in the low to mid-priced cruise industry right now. People are buying cruises based on the “super low cabin fare” only to return home with a vacation bill that is twice what they thought it was going to be!

Not good!

For those who think “I can’t afford a luxury cruise” listen to this:

Last week I did a quote for a couple who wanted an interior stateroom on a Royal Caribbean ship for a 7-night cruise. I also did a quote for a couple who wanted a suite on the new luxury brand Explora Journeys, also for a 7-night cruise. Guess what? The suite was less expensive that the interior stateroom! Not kidding! I know- I was shocked, too. The interior stateroom on the Royal Caribbean ship was over $4000 per guest, and if you have sailed on RCCL, you know that you will pay extra for everything else- drinks, specialty dining, wifi, etc. The Explora Journeys suite with a private veranda, butler service, all food and beverages, high speed wifi, and gratuities included- was $3675 per person for a 7-night cruise. And the food aboard Explora is the finest at sea- by far! We have sailed on Explora twice and are going back in a few months. Gorgeous smaller ship, with exquisite service, food and accommodations. We brought a group with us and one of our guests who regularly takes his clients to the finest, Michelin level restaurants all over the world, was very impressed with the food in all 6 dining venues - Asian, French, Mediterranean, steak, seafood, and their European style food emporium.

So what is going on in the cruise industry?

The demand for cruising is at an all-time high (higher than 2019 which was the highest on record) and the low to mid-priced cruise lines are raising their prices because they can. Passengers flock to those ships, often without even thinking about what else might be available within their travel budget.


Meanwhile, the higher-end lines and ultra luxury lines- from Viking, to Amawaterways, Scenic, Seabourn, Explora Journeys, Atlas, The Ritz Carlton Yachts, and Silversea are slashing prices, increasing their valuable amenities, offering several free category upgrades and more – all to attract new cruisers.

It’s not on all sailings- but if you can be a bit flexible- you can SCORE an amazing cruise vacation on a luxury line that will pamper you and spoil you, take you to interesting and exotic ports of call, and send you home feeling relaxed and refreshed...not ripped off!


Remember- the cost of your stateroom is NOT the cost of your vacation. The cost of your vacation is the number on your credit card when you get home. So be wise- don’t get catch in the “low cabin price” game. Take a moment to look at what is included in the price of your cruise. If you are going to have to take out your wallet every time you want a bottle of water or a snack - that may not be the best deal.

Call, text or email us for a quote on one of these fabulous luxury cruise lines.

We curate luxury cruise vacations for discerning travelers- with exceptional, personalized service.

Remember, your next adventure awaits...


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