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How to be a Savvy Travel insider

Travel is fabulous! You love the fun of planning a trip, doing your research, talking with your trusted travel advisors (John and Jackie Matthews - just in case you forgot), talking about it with your spouse over dinner, dreaming about in during your commute, and thinking about it at work during that boring meeting when you wish you could stand up and say, “Hey, why are we having this meeting? You could have just sent out an email.” Been there, done that.

Since you love to travel as much as we do, we thought you’d like to know about some of our favorite sources we rely on every day as we help plan amazing adventures for our Adventure Club Members. Our goal, as with all of our posts, is to provide you, our beloved members, with important information so you can have the best travel experiences possible. We want you to use your time and money wisely, squeeze every wonderful moment out of your adventure and return home with a smile on your face , thinking “That was the best vacation ever… the history of ever!” We want you to have a cell phone filled with Instagram worthy pictures and memories you can share with your loved ones for a lifetime. That is our goal as your travel advisors.

Ok, enough with the build-up already. Cue the drum roll now...

”John and Jackie’s Favorite Travel Sources are”…add a booming male voice here with a little echo machine to add to the dramatic effect….

#1 Cruise Critic:

These folks just celebrated 25 years of cruising and writing about it. They post articles and pictures on a daily basis of all the cruise ships and itineraries around the world. We read their articles on a daily basis to help our cruise clients get the very best out of their cruise vacation. Great folks. Great advice.

#2 Cruise-Advisor:

Yes, there is a theme here and its all about cruises. Cruising is one of our favorite forms of travel; we love the fact that we can unpack once and travel to a number of different cities or countries, that cruising is a luxury vacation experience with fabulous service aboard ship that makes us feel like royalty for a week. There are more things to do aboard ship than we can ever do (Broadway caliber shows, swimming pools and hot tubs, luxury spa, casino, lecture series about our ports, art shows, jewelry shows, trivia games, cooking classes, art classes, dance classes, gym, live music for dancing, author visits, and so much more. We love the food…oh….the food. So, whether it’s a Disney cruise with our kids and grandsons in the Caribbean or a ballroom dancing cruise from New York harbor through Canada in the fall on the Queen Mary 2 …we love cruising and Cruise Advisor does a great job analyzing staterooms aboard the various ships so we can get just the right ones for our clients.

#3 The Points Guy

We love earning free airline tickets through our credit cards, don’t you? Our daughter-in-love Emily is an event planner. She turned us on to The Points Guy website a few years ago as a way to maximize our credit card points for travel and John faithfully reads their articles practically every day. The Points Guy (TPG) has been publishing hands-on advice to help readers maximize their travel experiences using credit card points since the site since they began in 2010. The website says it started with 1 man, but today has over 100 employees and over 3 million subscribers.

#4 Walt Disney World News Today

No list could be complete without something about Disney because, as many of you know, we are die hard Disney fans. We raised our kids going to Walt Disney World. In fact, we just celebrated our 40th trip to Walt Disney World and plan to be there for the 50th anniversary of WDW on Oct 1. While we are saddened by a number of the recent decisions the Disney executives have made, we do love taking our kids and grandsons to Disney World. John uses this website faithfully when planning our own Disney trips and as he plans those for our clients. They post daily articles to keep you informed about everything, and I mean everything, happening at Disney World.

So, are we concerned that if we share with you some of our great sources, you won’t call us to book your next vacation? Nope. Not a bit. Why? Because travel is complicated (especially right now) and no one knows what they don’t know.

We provide 40 years of travel experience to all the continents but Antarctica (John is determined to go there soon…me…not so much). We have relationships with travel partners around the world that help us open up doors for our clients that most travelers don’t even know are possible. And finally, we want to bless you with information so you can be savvy travelers and get the most from your time and your vacation dollars. We value our partnership with every one of you.

So until next time, remember, your next Adventure Awaits…

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